The Best Wayfair Black Friday Deals (for Curating an Impeccable Vibe)

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Greetings, traveler. It seems you’ve wandered into our Black Friday village to sip the sweet, reduced sauce of Stüssy jawnz, and load your mule with some discounted Dyson vacuums. We can’t blame you. In fact, we’re really just here to juice you up. 

Earlier this week, tons of early Black Friday deals washed upon the shores of cyberspace with deals on tech, cookware, fashion, and even CBD gummies that your mom sure would love for a present (she told us so). Now, it’s time to loosen your belt for the best deals from the Wayfair Black Friday sale to transform your hovel into a cozy, Level 2  kingdom of KitchenAid mixers and mid-century modern couches

Never heard of Wayfair? We envy you. We would give anything—even to Thonar Silver-Blood—for the chance to behold the home site’s mattress deals and gothic skull chairs for the very first time again. Not unlike Amazon, the emporium is filled with millions of affordable items (only, Wayfair feels less evil and offers free shipping sans subscription), and this year’s Wayfair Black Friday sale will be offering up to 80% off its goods, including up to 40% off bedroom furniture and decor, 65% off living room seating, 70% off mattresses, and up to 80% off kitchen goods and dining room furniture

If all of this sounds tight but exhausting, stress not: Your VICE shopping vassals have found you the best deals on trusted brands such as Le Creuset, Breville, and Vitamix, on top of sniffing out the best dupes for legendary furniture designs from Isamu Noguchi and lookalikes for the coveted rugs from Cold Picnic

Ready your Amex, and let’s geaux. 

The best Wayfair Black Friday kitchen deals 

Ah, the hot rods of kitchen appliances. There are many deals afoot on the web for KitchenAid standing mixers—we’ve even rounded them up for you here—but only Wayfair is the keeper of this onyx black beauty. It would be the perfect gift for your aging punk friend who loves to cook, and it’s about $70 off

$329.99$259.99 at Wayfair

$329.99$259.99 at Wayfair

Don’t underestimate the power and versatility of lightweight, sturdy stainless steel nesting bowls. This set is 23% off, and comes with lids so that you can take your potato salad from the table to the fridge/marinate your meats and tofu in peace. 

$26.99$20.69 at Wayfair

To paraphrase a wise man, Move over, fives. A ten is speaking. Le Creuset’s French cookware is the GOAT, and quite simply the swaggiest cookware flex thanks to its durable stoneware and cast iron materials (and gorgeous colorways; those burnt orange and robin’s egg blue shades walked so that  the Always Pan could run). Cop a cherry-colored stoneware casserole dish for your kugels at 12% off, and some ridiculously charming stoneware egg cups at 58% off

$77.91$68.93 at Wayfair

$44.14$18.31 at Wayfair

The Holy Grail of blade dancers is $160 off, mate. This Vitamix has a 4.7-star average rating from over 3,400 Wayfair reviews, and, in the words of one fan, is simply an “Unbelievable blender! There’s nothing it can’t make into a smoothie!!” Our hero. 

$449.95$289.95 at Wayfair

$449.95$289.95 at Wayfair

There are those who seek the Fountain of Youth, and those who seek the Fountain of Juice. Breville’s pulp-cranking machine is 50% off for Black Friday, and will show no mercy to your fruit and veg. As one reviewer writes, “I added whole celery, [a] green apple and ginger through the wide-mouth food chute (I didn’t have to chop any of it) [and] I had a glass of juice in a few seconds!”

$149.95$74.96 at Wayfair

The best Wayfair Black Friday home deals

The best couches and seating 

Pssst. Don’t tell the West Elm overlords that there are near-identical dupes for their best-selling Auburn statement chair and Show Wood chair at Wayfair, and we won’t tell your Secret Santa giftee that you bought them the Cum Face Duel Pump Action Penis Game. Deal? Deal. 

Here’s wassup: The Jones velvet armchair is  61% off and a dead-ringer for the Auburn, because it has the same slightly extended cushion for cradling your peach, while Wayfair’s Hofstetter statement chair has the same mid-century modern silhouette as its Show Wood West Elm cousin—only, at 39% off, it costs one-fifth of price and will leave your house guests none the wiser.  

$279.99$169.99 at Wayfair

$279.99$169.99 at Wayfair

$766$470 at Wayfair

A sleeper sofa that comes in neutral, earthy shades named Dursky Twig and Shack Biscuit?? Say less. The Lourenco sofa is not only a VICE reader favorite for its affordable price and comfy cushions, but it probably speaks Italian. As one customer writes, “[I] LOVE THIS COUCH!!! Instantly comfortable and the colors [come] correct.” Scoop it while it’s 45% off

$1764$969.99 at Wayfair

The Geo sofa looks like it was crafted by the mid-century modern gods over at Article, but at 50% off, it’s way more affordable than its doppelgangers from more spensi designer sites. It has also earned a 4.7-star average rating from over 3,900 Wayfair reviews, and customers write that it ships quickly, assembles easily, and is the perfect blend of firm-yet-plush.   

$1350$670 at Wayfair

A seven-seater sectional for under $1,000? Sprint, don’t run. Steelside is one of Wayfair’s best in-house brands—it’s like if mid-century modern, industrial decor, and JB Blunk-minimalism had a threesome—and its chic, low-slung Easton sectional is about $120 off.  

$1099$979.99 at Wayfair

Michel Ducaroy’s iconic 1970s Togo sofa has been the ~*~aesthetic~*~ furniture piece of the year with over 17,000 posts under the #TogoSofa hashtag alone on Instagram. This Wayfair dupe is about $150 off for Black Friday, and we’re never not going to love the way in which it looks utterly unique and inviting with that curved, deep-cushioned silhouette. 

$1329.99$1219.99 at Wayfair

$1329.99$1219.99 at Wayfair

The best storage 

People keep mistaking these Wayfair floating shelves in my living room for those from the absurdly sexy and expensive shelving Scandinavian company, Vitsœ. The set is 17% off for Black Friday, and gives you the same look as the floating mid-century modern shelf units for thousands of dollars less. And if you’re not that handy with a drill, fret not: I assure you these are idiot-proof shelves, and we detailed their entire step-by-step installation process in this VICE article

$107.99$89.99 at Wayfair

Papa needa credenza. This mid-century modern buffet table would be perfect in a foyer, or as a pedestal for your TV and record player. It’s 65% off for Black Friday, and has earned a 4.5-star average rating from over 300 Wayfair reviews, with many writing that the unit looks way more expensive than it actually is. 

$745$263.99 at Wayfair

Have you ever experienced the raw power of a well-placed hutch? It will house your wine glasses, serve as a little coffee station, and conceal your cookie sheets like a pro. This is why it’s not uncommon for hutches to cost over $1,000—but craftsmen-esque hutch is 21% off for Black Friday and less than $500.

$459.99$385.99 at Wayfair

$459.99$385.99 at Wayfair

There have been entire design opuses written about the Noguchi table, which was first released by Herman Miller in 1948 and hasn’t stopped enchanting the world ever since with its amorphous shape and wooden base. You can cop this legit Noguch for 20% off at Design Within Reach for Black Friday, but this Wayfair doppelganger is even more affordable at 32% off for those with a budget of under $500.  

$689.99$469.99 at Wayfair

$689.99$469.99 at Wayfair

This is the kind of clever side table/coffee table that we would have no problem buying—albeit for hundreds and hundreds of clams more—from sites such as Urban Outfitters or West Elm. It’s right on-trend with the Axel Vervoordt minimalism that’s sweeping The Culture lately, and it comes with hidden storage for your blankets/sins. 

$507$170 at Wayfair

The best Wayfair electronics and appliances

If you’ve always wanted to be one of those well-adjusted people who owns a Dyson vacuum, congratulations: The Dyson V8 is 44% off for Black Friday. In the words of VICE editor Nicolette Acardi, “I have [a Dyson], and I swear to god I actually enjoy vacuuming now. It easily maneuvers around all my dusty nooks and crannies at just under six pounds, [and] inhales all of the mess [with ease].” 

$499.99$279.99 at Wayfair

$499.99$279.99 at Wayfair

Too long have we suffered in silence as non-microwave folks, re-heating (and re-dirtying) our pans and grub like a measly serf. Stop wasting your time and adding more dishes to the pile, and cop this best-selling microwave for about $30 off. Your morning coffee will thank you. 

$129.99$111.60 at Wayfair

$129.99$111.60 at Wayfair

The best Wayfair Black Friday lighting deals

Arched lamps rock. Not only do they cut a sexy silhouette and add some visual interest to your living room, but they’ll perfectly dangle over your couch/chair/lover with a tender spotlight. Wayfair’s 27% off chrome Perlis lamp is a slick take on the classic, and could def pass as set dressing for Mad Men. 

$190.99$139.99 at Wayfair

$190.99$139.99 at Wayfair

Have you lived, if you’ve never experienced the pür and heartfelt serotonin drip that comes from owning an ambient mushroom lamp? They’re the best, whether they’re dotting your nightstand or chilling on that side table with the dish for your keys. This speckled mushroom lamp is 43% off at Wayfair, but looks like it came from the hands of Italian Murano glass artisans. 

$92.99$52.99 at Wayfair

The best Wayfair Black Friday rug deals 

We’ve all known (and had a crush on) the person who owns this rug; they smell faintly of sandalwood, wear a lot of linen tops, and have perfected a soothing 90s eco-beige aesthetic in their home. This checkered circular rug is soft enough in its design and color scheme to work in a bedroom or a living room, it’s 49% off for Black Friday.

$98$49.99 at Wayfair

Cold Picnic, is that you? You’d be hard-pressed to find a 14-foot wide area rug that doesn’t cost thousands upon thousands of clams, and this dupe of everyone’s favorite new graphic designer rug brand is $140 off. As one Wayfair reviewer writes, “[It’s] so cute and really good quality!!!!! I am so happy about it. Everyone [is] asking me where did I get it :).”

$60.99$54.99 at Wayfair

The best Wayfair Black Friday mattress and bedding deals 

Seal the deal (sorry Mom; sorry God) with this Queen-sized Sealy mattress while it’s a whopping 53% off for Black Friday, saving you over $500 on one of Wayfair’s most highly-rated and popular mattresses for its firm-but-plush feel. As one fan writes, “Honestly, I would rate this experience MORE than 5 stars! Perfect in every way.”  

$1099$517.99 at Wayfair

It’s time to get a mattress protector, matey; just think back on all of the mysterious, wonderful liquids/scents/surprises your bed chamber has seen. Smash the order button on this 4.7-star average rated waterproof option while it’s 64% off.

$99.99$35.99 at Wayfair

Not ready to shell-out for a whole new mattress? Take home a plush mattress topper instead, such as this 34% off Tempur-Pedic memory foam topper. As one Wayfair fan writes, “[It’s the] best topper I have had this far. Not too soft but not too firm. Best sleep I have gotten since my little [one] was born!” We love to see it.  

$219$144.99 at Wayfair

Bravo, my friend—the digs are looking impeccable. Now, it’s time to bump the Sade, claim the last slice of pumpkin pie, and peruse the rest of the best Black Friday sales this year. You deserve it. 

The Rec Room staff independently selected all of the stuff featured in this story. Want more reviews, recommendations, and red-hot deals? Sign up for our newsletter.

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