The Best West Elm Black Friday Deals to Deck Your Halls

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You know you’ve always wanted to say Oh, this old thing? Yeah, I got it at West Elm. We all do—but our slender, slender budgets don’t always account for spending a few thousand dollars shopping for armoires. Well, you lucky duck, today is the day that you can actually afford that side table, bar cart, or mid-century style couch that’s been sitting in your shopping cart since June. Yep, it’s time for the West Elm Black Friday sale

As we continue to surf the web for the best Black Friday deals, we’re making a pit stop to bring you the best West Elm Black Friday deals, so you can turn your railroad apartment into a mid-century mansion. Here’s the deal: From now until November 27, you can get up to 40% off lighting, up to 50% off best-selling furniture (including sofas and sectionals), and up to 70% off clearance items while paying nada for shipping on clearance bedding, pillows and throws, holiday decor, and kitchen wares. In other words, that faux mink throw is finally coming home.

We know you’re busy (that wicker man isn’t gonna weave himself!) so we’ve found the best of the best West Elm Black Friday deals for you, including cactus ornaments, mid-century modern chairs, and the perfect James Turrell light sculpture dupe.

The Best West Elm Black Friday Furniture Deals

A mid-century dining table

Is it a Noguchi? A Probber? Nope, but your guests will be fooled by this walnut-finished, mid-century style dining wooden table, which creates such a versatile yet statement-making silhouette; it’s bold but warm, graphic but cozy, and it’s $225 off.

$749$524.99 at West Elm

Embrace the power of a versatile ottoman

It’s a coffee table, it’s a seat, it’s an extension for your couch upon which you can fully, comfortably extend those legs during movie night. People sleep on the ottoman—seriously, you could curl up on this big boi—but it’s one of the wisest additions you could make to your living room space. Think of how chic this linen slab will look in your home.

$699$454.35 at West Elm

It’s finally time for a bed frame

Congrats, Brad. You’ve sprouted legs to go with that hot tadpole body, and made the evolutionary step towards owning a real, adult-worthy bed frame like the “Chadwick,” which sounds like it should be fresh out of latest season of The Crown. Fancy pants.

$699$559.99 at West Elm

A couch for under $1,000

Hell yeah, brother. Now this is the kind of Black Friday moment we’re talking about [plates gabagool]; the kind that gives us a Don Draper-worthy couch with trestle-style legs for under $1,000. 

$1099$879.20 at West Elm

The best designer couch dupe

We’ve been jealous of Emily Ratajkowski’s curved green velvet couch for a minute, because there’s just something embracing soft edges that makes us feel richer and more well-rounded. The Dax sofa is $500 off, and feels like the love child of a niche 1970s designer couch and the coveted Cloud sofa.

$1899$1399.99 at West Elm

$1899$1399.99 at West Elm

A sectional your descendants will fight over

“No, it’s my Newport West Elm sectional sofa,” your favorite niece will say while you watch down from Heaven, sharing a beer with Julie Andrews, and reminiscing about the decades of naps, Netlfix binges, and dog-eared books that were enjoyed on this ample sectional. Cop it while it’s over $1,000 off in whichever one of its dozens of colorways makes your heart sing.

$3498$2458.80 at West Elm

$3498$2458.80 at West Elm

The world’s sexiest reading chair

Don’t underestimate the power of a comfy statement chair to cradle your books, your clothes, and, most importantly, your sweet peach. The Spencer recliner is a first for our eyes in the recliner chaise category, because it looks like a mid-century modern piece from the estate sale of someone with great taste in Swedish art films, and it harkens back to Grandpapa’s Brookstone recliner in matters of comfort. The best of both worlds.

$1359$1259.30 at West Elm

$1359$1259.30 at West Elm

Your first crush was Hans Wegner

Oh, Hans. We bet you were great at doing a lot of things with your hands, but especially crafting chairs that looked like this one. The Yates chair from West Elm is like younger cousin of Wegner’s iconic wishbone frame chairs, but for way less dough.

$420$309.99 at West Elm

A side table for softboi Brutalists

[Ricardo Bofill enters the chat.] This is the kind of natural clay side table/nightstand/plant stand that deserves to live in a bougie architect’s converted factory home in Spain. But our apartment will do just fine, too.

$179$143.20 at West Elm

The Best West Elm Black Friday Rug Deals

You’re Alejandro Jodorowsky

Here’s what you do: Invite your crush over to watch The Holy Mountain, eat cannolis, and microdose shrooms while sitting on West Elm’s Montane rug. It has that slightly lived-in look of antique wool that we love so much, and the pattern was was inspired by psychedelic toads, DMT, and competitive basket weaving (well, we like to think so).

$399$239.99 at West Elm

A wooly Moroccan-style rug

This fluffer takes inspiration from traditional Moroccan rugs, and it’s one of our favorites because the wool material makes it a soft yet durable choice, and it’s perfect for parts of the home that get a lot of foot or paw traffic.  

$149$119.20 at West Elm

You crave patterns (but you’re afraid of patterns)

Understandable. No one wants to feel tied down, man, and a pattern can be a big commitment to a certain aesthetic. Unless, that is, you cop a rug like this that has a slightly faded, monochrome take on an intricate design.

$149$99 at West Elm

You’ve been to Joshua Tree

We know, we know—you gotta smoke one under the yucca palms to understand. Or you could just vibe out with the earthy Tetris pyramids on this rug from the comfort of your home.

$149$99 at West Elm

The Best West Elm Black Friday Bedding Deals

Your velvet bedchamber awaits

Can you imagine getting cradled by this warm, goblincore green velvet quilt and pillow shams set before night-night time? It’s inviting, feels expensive, and is perfect for the lumberjack with a softer side.

$200$100 at West Elm

The sheets that feel like your comfiest T-shirt

If you’re still sleeping on crappy, pilling, poly-blend sheets that you got in Target in 2013… why??? Stop. No. Upgrade to linen, sateen, percale, or jersey, which is a great affordable weave. We love the ultra-soft feel and low-maintenance vibe of this cloud-like set, which is on sale in a bunch of neutral colors.

$35$24.50 at West Elm

Tencel feels silky soft (but never gets sweaty)

Here’s the deal: Tencel textiles are cooler and more absorbent than cotton, but even softer than silk. Plus, unlike silk bedding, you can just throw Tencel sheets in the washer/dryer without needing to say a prayer beforehand. It’s a low-maitenance, high-reward investment for your slumbers.

$35$28 at West Elm

Faux fur throws rock

You know that scene in The Revenant where Leo curls up in a faux chinchilla fur throw, sips his CBD night night tincture, and calls it a day? Yeahhh.

$110$55 at West Elm

The Best West Elm Black Friday Lighting Deals

You grew up watching ‘The Dark Crystal’

You hot little gelfling, you. [Rips bong.] Whether you were a child of 1980s fantasy movies or just appreciate a lamp that looks like it came from Pluto, this LED table gem/rock makes can take any room from boring to wowow.

$199$159.20 at West Elm

You have a Criterion subscription

There’s something about the domed, black mushroom-esque cap on this floor lamp that says, “Oh, this tattoo? It’s a Francis Bacon homage I got in Glasgow in my twenties.” Consider us intrigued.

$229$183 at West Elm

This belongs in Troye Sivan’s Architectural Digest tour

Have you seen the AD tour of the singer’s home? It’s amazing. It’s also populated by deep jewel tone shades of green and oxblood, just like West Elm’s Hastings table lamp. Pair it with a rattan chair for a nice textural moment.

$249$199.20 at West Elm

Your home is your Acropolis

It’s an unseasonably balmy winter night as your dinner guests arrive for your bacchanal, their nude bodies drenched in Brightland olive oil as you illuminate a lamp worthy of Zeus. You are perfect, but not as perfect as this pillar. 

$499$354.99 at West Elm

The Best West Elm Black Friday Kitchen Deals

Replace your mismatched dishes with a fresh set

… Trust us, it will feel so good to have a cohesive, sexy stack of matching stoneware dishes. This Kaloh set is a best-seller on West Elm for its durable but slick design (blates>plates), and includes a total of 20 pieces, from bowls to coffee cups, in six earthy colorways.

$236$188.80 at West Elm

Sturdy recycled glassware

Another best-seller at West Elm, these recycled Mexican drinking glasses are sturdy and have a subtle iridescent shimmer that can elevate your wine, cocktails, and morning OJ into a more aesthetic ritual. (Also: They’re hard to smash. That matters.)

$40$32 at West Elm

A chic way to keep the booze cool at parties

There’s a time and a place for an Igloo cooler (summer; the beach), and if you’re going to be hosting any backyard shindigs in the future (you will), you’ll need to keep your natural wines and brewskies chilled. West Elm’s ice buckets are a damn beautiful way to keep things cold and stylish both outdoors and indoors; just look at its svelte silhouette. The ghost of Le Corbusier is mad he never got to uncork some Champs in these minimalist towers.

$139$111.20 at West Elm

The Best Welm Elm Black Friday Decor Deals

The James Turrell effect

Have you been drooling over the fantasy of one day owning a piece by the legendary light artiste, James Turrell? West Elm’s backlit mirror gives the same gauzy, futuristic vibe Drake wanted for “Hotline Bling” (but it will only cost you about $200).

$299$209.99 at West Elm

Candles that last forever

Flameless candles rock, dude. They last forever, and you won’t have to worry about burning down the apartment. (No, Ma. We still don’t have renter’s insurance yet.)

$21$14.99 at West Elm

Sugar booger decor is back

… Or, as we like to call it, Cocaine Decor. These antique brass mirror trays are perfect for elegantly assembling all of your fresh powder this winter, fancy candles, CBD pre-rolls, keys, and whatever else is floating around your living room.

$90$29.99 at West Elm

The Best West Elm Black Friday Holiday Decor Deals

A tree skirt that’s not a sheet

There’s nothing wrong with the old sheet-as-a-tree-skirt move, but it kind of sucks to be out of a sheet (and to cover that sheet in sap)—and isn’t it so much nicer to get a stylish skirt? One that shows the tree a little respect? It didn’t grow for five years just to stare at Brad’s crusty top sheet during its swan song. Have a little ceremony. 

$80$48 at West Elm

You never stop thinking about cacti

Same. So why not deck out your tree in everyone’s favorite plant, and forgeo the traditional Christmas ornaments? After all, have you ever seen what a Biblically accurate angel looks like? Terrifying.  

$13$10.40 at West Elm

‘Cause holiday lights are a serotonin superhighway

Are they icicles? Electric tears? Who cares, they’re pretty and they’re on sale just in time for decking your halls.

$80$64 at West Elm

Sweet digs, mate. Now treat yourself to a little something tasty/horny/made out of cashmere from the rest of our Black Friday sales finds.

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