Ghostwire: Tokyo – The Best Skills to Get First

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Ghostwire: Tokyo - The Best Skills to Get First

Ghostwire: Tokyo has a myriad of skills that players will need to unlock throughout the game, but the best ones to get first help with the early game.

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Nearly all of Ghostwire: Tokyo’s gameplay revolves around the skills that Akito is able to use, which is why it’s important to get the best skills first. Ghostwire: Tokyo challenges the classic FPS and RPG experience in a number of ways, but perhaps the most unique aspect of the game is that everything Akito can use is dependent upon his unlocked abilities, ethereal weaves, and equipment. Even other Bethesda games such as Skyrim and Fallout aren’t as rigidly dependent on what players have invested their skill points in, making Ghostwire: Tokyo stand out among the publisher’s other titles.


A number of skills will be unlocked in the game at their basic level through story progressions, such as Amenokagami, Spectral Vision, and Core Grab. As players continue to level up fast in Ghostwire: Tokyo, they’ll be awarded 10 additional skill points that can be used to upgrade any available skill. The first upgrade for most abilities, ethereal weaves, and equipment only cost 10 skill points, but the stronger upgrades sometimes cost up to 45 skill points. Rather than investing in an entire skill tree before moving on to the next, players should invest their skill points into a few different abilities, ethereal weaves, and equipment to power up Akito on all fronts early on.

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The early parts of Ghostwire: Tokyo focus more on the basics combat and gameplay mechanics that are present throughout the story, such as Core Grabs, movement, and stealth. Thus, the best skill upgrades that players should get first in Ghostwire: Tokyo are abilities that help open-world gameplay. Furthermore, despite their importance as the game progresses, players should hold off on upgrading anything from the ethereal weave or equipment skill trees until the abilities that strengthen gameplay mechanics are upgraded.

Ghostwire: Tokyo – Best Abilities To Unlock First

Ghostwire: Tokyo - The Best Abilities To Get First

These are the abilities that players should get first in Ghostwire: Tokyo:

  • Step 1: Unlock Core Grab: Speed Boost
  • Step 2: Unlock Core Exposure: Duration Boost
  • Step 3: Unlock Core Exposure: Duration Boost II
  • Step 4: Unlock Core Grab: HP Restoration
  • Step 5: Unlock Core Grab: HP Restoration II
  • Step 6: Unlock Spectral Vision: Range Boost
  • Step 7: Unlock Glide: Duration Boost
  • Step 8: Unlock Faster Sneaking

By the time players unlock all of these abilities, Akito should have just reached level 10. The majority of them cost only 10 skill points to upgrade, but Core Grab: HP Restoration II and Core Exposure: Duration Boost II cost 15 each. As players complete their Ghostwire: Tokyo play through for the first time, the first three skills will ensure that they can grab the Visitors’ cores without being interrupted or rushed in combat. The next two abilities are all about restoring health from Core Grabs. The last three abilities are key mobility skills that will be needed as players have a larger area to explore by this point in Ghostwire: Tokyo.

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Ghostwire: Tokyo is available on PlayStation 5 and PC.

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