Naagin 6, 19th March 2022, Written Update: Diya is murdered

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Naagin 6, 19th March 2022, Written Update: Diya is murdered

In today’s episode, Pratha walks down and Diya falls beside her and she gets shocked. She asks Diya what happened and Diya points towards the terrace and Pratha sees a shadow running away. Diya tells her that she has given the proof to inspector Riddhi and dies. Pratha yells Diya’s name and cries and everyone rushes towards her and gets shocked seeing Diya dead. 

Inspector Vijay and Riddhi come and Pratha asks Riddhi what proof did Diya give her. Riddhi tells Diya gave no proof but she only told her that she’s in love with someone and will commit suicide if she cannot unite with him. Pratha tells that’s a lie and Riddhi tells her to shut up and takes the body. Later, Rishab gives Pratha a lantern and tells her that by lighting and flying the lantern she might feel better. Pratha tells Mehek that Diya’s death, Riddhi, and the musical box have a connection and asks her to find out the truth. Then, Rishab asks Pratha to apply the uttam on him and opens his t-shirt. Reema walks in and apologises and says she just came to call Rishab for Holika Dahan’s preparations and walks away teary-eyed. Rishab gets emotional. 

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Later, Mehek confronts Riddhi and asks her to tell who killed Diya. Riddhi tells her she knows Mehek is a naagin and shows her a video of her real avatar recorded and tells her she won’t be able to do anything and that she’s an asur and confesses that Diya did come with the proof. Mehek gets shocked and Riddhi holds her at gunpoint and threatens to expose her. Pratha comes and rescues Mehek and kills Riddhi by putting the building on fire. Everyone wonders where did Pratha go.

This episode has been watched on the channel’s OTT platform.

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