Amazon Fashion Sale: Stylish shoes for men at discounted prices

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Amazon Fashion Sale: Stylish shoes for men at discounted prices

If you are a man who takes fashion very seriously, you must know just how important footwear is. From high quality sneakers to a killer pair of boots, a suave and classy man needs all of it. If you are a fashion lover, looking for affordable pairs of footwear, the Amazon fashion sale is going to come to your rescue! Take a look at these stylish shoes and add them to your cart right away!


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1. Chelsea Boots 

Red Tape Men’s Leather Chelsea Boot


The Chelsea boot is the perfect representation of casual meets corporate. Falling somewhere between boots and dress shoes, they are an awesome way to modernise your style. You can wear these boots for smart occasions, for Friday night drinks, and also for a casual meet with your boys. 


Price: Rs.6599

Deal: Rs.1979

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2. Dress Sneakers 

GreenSole Men’s Lace Up Denim Washed Dark Shoes 


Everyone needs a pair of kicks with a casual vibe that still upholds a clean sense of style. This immaculate pair from the vegan and eco-friendly footwear brand can be worn with jeans, shorts or chinos. The sole of these shoes is made from discarded cork while the uppers are made from rewashed canvas with a dye print. These breathable sneakers look super stylish and feel good as you take a step towards conserving the environment. 



Price: Rs.3249

Deal: Rs.2279

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3. Trainers 

Bacca Bucci Men’s Trainers 


Sometimes you need a shoe that’s easy to slip on and jet out the door. This is the kind of shoe you use to power through the tough days. Pair these trainers with some joggers, and they can also be the base of an amazing laid-back casual Saturday outfit, too. These sneakers would look great with any pair of jeans and a casual tee or shirt. 



Price: Rs.3499

Deal: Rs.1519

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4. Chukka Boots 

Amazon Brand – Symbol Men’s Chukka Boots 


Chukka boots are simply designed and can range anywhere from supremely casual to dressy and formal. These boots are super versatile and can be worn at a club and also at a business casual setting. Apart from providing a certain amount of formality and structure, these boots also provide great comfort. 



Price: Rs.2499

Deal: Rs.899

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5. Loafers 

GreenSole Men’s Slip On Beige Shoes 


If slippers are not your thing and tying up the sneakers seems just too time-consuming, then you can opt for loafers. These vegan shoes are peta-approved and 100 percent eco-friendly. The sole is made by remelting and moulding a discarded cork. These breathable shoes come with a comfortable padding and also ships in a recycled box with a trendy cotton shoe bag. 



Price: Rs.2999

Deal: Rs.2099

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6. Service Boots 

Allen Cooper Men’s Brown Ankle Boots 


Want to look like a tough guy? Of course you do. Service boots are a little old-fashioned looking because they’re based on military boots used by service members. But just because they’re old-fashioned looking doesn’t mean they’re out of style. Far from it: these types of boots are all the rage right now, and here are the best of the best.



Price: Rs.5499

Deal: Rs.2034

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7. Oxfords 

Fausto Men’s Formal Oxford Shoes 


Oxfords are characterised by their low heel and closed lacing system. And it’s the latter that gives them that oh-so-peculiar yet classy look. They come in multiple variations and they’re perfect for office wear, black tie (the less detailed versions), and smart-casual events. Oxfords should be your go-to whenever you need to look respectable and their versatility makes them quite an essential.



Price: Rs.1099

Deal: Rs.999

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The Amazon fashion sale is a great platform to grab the best deals on fashion and beauty products at the lowest prices. If you are looking for the perfect and most affordable and versatile footwear to add to your wardrobe, then this sale can be a literal boon to you! 


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