Wordle 270: March 16, 2022 Answer & Hints

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Wordle 270: March 16, 2022 Answer & Hints

In less than six tries, March 14th’s Wordle Answer was tricky to guess due to many possibilities. For players who are lost, these hints might help.

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Even in six tries, March 16th’s Wordle answer can be slightly tricky to guess due to the number of possibilities. However, if players are stuck on their last try and don’t want to sacrifice their streak, they could use some hints to guess today’s answer. While Wordle does give visual clues to players, many times, especially for today’s answer, it isn’t enough to point players in the right direction. Since players have to guess the correct answer in six tries or less, today’s Wordle answer could throw people off due to the number of words that could be used.

Wordle’s rules are easy to understand once players know the basics of these visual clues. With each five-letter word guess, the game responds by changing the color of a box depending on whether the letter is being used in today’s answer. For example, if a box’s color changes to green, that means the letter in that box is being used in today’s Wordle answer and is in the right spot. However, if the box’s color turns yellow, that means the letter is being used in today’s answer but isn’t in the right place. Finally, if the box’s color remains unchanged, that means the letter is not being used anywhere in today’s Wordle answer. 


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Once players are done attempting the Wordle puzzle, they can share their results with the rest of the world on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Players can do so by clicking on the “Share” button, which copies a set of color emoji boxes (green and yellow) and the number of attempts it took the player to guess the answer. What’s cool is that these boxes can be understood by other players who know the rules and already know today’s Wordle answer. It’s worth pointing out that these emojis do not spoil the answer for others as they only represent the correct and incorrect usage of letters.

Wordle’s March 16, 2022 (#270) Hints & Answers

Wordle Different Answers

Some players like to get hints about today’s Wordle anger that helps them solve today’s puzzle. These hints are similar to what players may have seen before in crossword puzzles and give a bit more context to the player. Here are some hints that might help players guess today’s Wordle answer:

  • Hint 1: Provide food and drinks at special events
  • Hint 2: Supply food 
  • Hint 3: A synonym for words like provide, pander, kowtow or pamper

Wordle 270 Answer (March 16)

If players were unable to guess today’s Wordle answer by using the hints above, the solution is CATER. When trying to guess today’s answer, the first word we used was “WATER,” which revealed four letters being used in the correct spot. However, this is where it got tricky as the next word we used was “LATER,” which did not yield the correct answer. The third attempt had a similar result as we used the word “HATER,” and it did not reveal today’s Wordle answer either. Finally, with luck, we could guess today’s Wordle answer CATER in our fourth attempt.

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